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Front Porch Columns

At DSI, we understand that front porch columns are more than just structural components; columns are a reflection of your home’s character and your personal style. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and a dedication to meeting your unique design needs our carefully curated collection boasts a wide range of front porch columns designed to infuse your property with timeless charm and lasting durability.

Whether you seek classic architectural elements or modern, low-maintenance options, our Westbury Columns are the perfect choice to elevate your home’s curb appeal and create an inviting entryway that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Round Fluted Aluminum Porch Columns

    Elevate the exterior of your home with Westbury Aluminum Round Fluted Columns – a blend of timeless beauty and modern durability. These columns are more than just structural elements; they are a statement of sophistication and charm that can transform any architectural style.

  • Square Fluted Aluminum Porch Columns

    Elevate your space with Westbury Aluminum Square Fluted Columns. Crafted for durability and timeless style, these columns are the perfect choice for enhancing any architectural project.

  • Square Smooth Aluminum Porch Columns

    Discover Westbury Aluminum Square Smooth Columns, a perfect blend of durability and style. Crafted with precision, our Aluminum Square Smooth Columns effortlessly enhance any architectural project. Transform your design with these sleek, versatile columns, ideal for residential and commercial spaces alike.

  • Aluminum Square Smooth with Astragal Columns

    Westbury Aluminum Square Smooth Columns with Astragal, where timeless aesthetics meet modern durability. Discover a versatile architectural solution that adds elegance and character to any project. Our smooth columns, complemented by the Astragal feature, redefine sophistication and offer lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

  • Square Recessed Aluminum Porch Columns

    Experience timeless style and unmatched durability with Westbury Aluminum Square Recessed Columns. Crafted with a sleek square design, these columns effortlessly elevate your home’s exterior. Built to withstand the elements, they offer lasting beauty and low-maintenance ease. Explore our selection for enduring solutions to enhance your property.

  • Round Composite Porch Columns

    Westbury Round Composite Columns, the epitome of timeless elegance and modern durability for your architectural projects. Crafted from high-quality composite materials, these columns combine classic aesthetics with innovative features, including the Caulk-N-Walk finish and the Plumb Perfect installation system. Enhance your property’s exterior with the enduring beauty of Westbury Round Composite Columns today.

  • Square Composite Porch Columns

    Elevate your architectural projects with Westbury Square Composite Columns. Available in Square Smooth, Square Fluted, Square Recessed Panel, and Square Recessed Panel Pedestal options, these columns blend timeless style and robust durability. Enhance your property’s aesthetics with the perfect square column design that suits your vision. Explore Westbury today!

  • Craftsman Porch Columns

    Explore the timeless charm of Craftsman Columns, available in two captivating styles: Smooth Columns and Recessed Columns. These architectural elements effortlessly capture the essence of Craftsman design, characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and impeccable craftsmanship. Enhance your space with these iconic columns, evoking the enduring appeal of Craftsman aesthetics.

  • Square Fiberglass Porch Columns

    Elevate your architectural projects with Westbury Square Fiberglass Columns. These columns seamlessly blend strength and style, making them the ideal choice for both load-bearing needs and aesthetic enhancements. Crafted from premium fiberglass materials, they offer enduring support and timeless elegance, all with minimal maintenance requirements. Explore our selection today!

  • Pilaster Porch Columns

    Enhance your architectural projects with Pilaster columns. Our Pilasters offer timeless elegance and structural support. Explore our wide range of Pilaster styles and designs today.

  • Column Wraps

    Westbury Column Wraps combine aesthetics and durability to effortlessly enhance architectural elements. Crafted from premium materials like aluminum, vinyl, and composite, they offer an array of styles and finishes to suit diverse tastes. These wraps are perfect for both residential and commercial projects, delivering timeless beauty with minimal maintenance.

Elevate Your Home’s Entryway


Curb Appeal: The primary benefit of porch columns is their ability to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Whether your architectural style is classic, modern, or somewhere in between, the right columns can transform a bland entrance into an eye-catching focal point.

Architectural Character: Front porch columns can significantly contribute to your home’s architectural character. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of classic columns or the sleek, modern lines of contemporary designs, these features can tie your home’s design together and add personality.

Structural Support: Besides their aesthetic appeal, columns provide essential structural support for your porch roof and overhang. This ensures the stability and safety of your entryway, especially in regions prone to severe weather.

Low Maintenance: Depending on the material you choose, columns can be remarkably low maintenance. Aluminum and vinyl columns, in particular, require minimal upkeep and can withstand the elements for years without fading or deteriorating.

Design Ideas

When it comes to designing your front porch columns, there are countless possibilities. Consider these design ideas:

  • Classic Elegance: Opt for traditional white columns with intricate details for a timeless, elegant look.
  • Modern Minimalism: Choose sleek, minimalist columns in black or a contrasting color for a modern, clean appearance.
  • Tapered Columns: Tapered columns can add depth and visual interest to your porch while maintaining a sleek profile.
  • Wraparound Porch: Extend your front porch columns to create a wraparound porch, providing additional outdoor living space and a charming atmosphere.

Columns are more than just structural elements; they reflect your home’s character and your personal style. By carefully selecting the right columns, you can elevate your home’s entryway, enhance its curb appeal, and create an inviting atmosphere that welcomes you and your guests with open arms. Explore the diverse world of front porch columns to find the perfect fit for your home and make an impression for years to come.

Transform Your Outdoor Living Experience

Porch, entryway, and interior columns are a vital part of any architectural design, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits. DSI offers a range of high-quality aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and composite columns that are not only visually appealing but also offer significant labor savings when compared to site-built columns. Westbury columns are designed to complement and enhance the millwork and other design elements of your home with a traditional, classic look. Additionally, our load-bearing columns provide the necessary support for porches, verandas, and entryways. Upgrade your Outdoor Living Area with Westbury columns today.