Porch Columns

Digger Specialties, Inc. (DSI) offers a comprehensive line of columns under the Westbury® Columns brand. Westbury Column designs meet virtually any column requirement for residential and commercial uses. Functionality and design come together in every column product we manufacture. Westbury Columns are available in three materials that offer specific functional design features: Composite, Fiberglass, and Aluminum.

Aluminum Columns

Westbury Aluminum Columns are produced with premium quality durable lightweight aluminum. Available in 12 standard colors. Aluminum columns have a load bearing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

Round Porch Columns
Square Porch Columns
Square Porch Columns with Astragal
Recessed Square Porch Columns
Smooth Square Porch Columns
Uplift Kits - Aluminum Columns

Composite and Fiberglass Columns

Westbury Composite Columns are produced with calcium carbonate (marble dust), polyester resin and other ingredients. These components yield a column that retains lasting durability and structural (load bearing) integrity for years to come.

Westbury Fiberglass Herculite Columns are produced using advanced pultrusion technology. Fiberglass Columns are a durable lightweight option to meet specific column needs.

Round Porch Columns
Square Porch Columns
Craftsman Porch Columns
Fiberglass Columns
Split-Fit® Column Wraps
Uplift Kits - Composite and Fiberglass Columns