Square Composite Porch Columns

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The DSI square composite front porch column line eliminates hours of labor associated with site-built columns while adding crisp, clean lines and architectural aesthetics. Our square porch columns are available in smooth, fluted, raised panel, recessed panel, and our unique, recessed panel pedestal design. Capitals and Bases provide a finishing touch to your DSI Fiberglass Column. The standard Capital and Base set for DSI Square Composite Columns is Tuscan-style. The Capital is made from Polyurethane. Unlike other composite column manufacturers, DSI offers a composite base made from the same material as the column to protect both the base and column from dents and other damage. We also offer an Alto-style composite base for your project needs. DSI’s Snug-Fit Capitals are made for our most popular sizes and utilize a patented process. The Tuscan-style Capital is Polyurethane with a foam ring for a snug fit. No need to go out and purchase backer rod to close the gap that can sometimes occur between the column shaft and the Capital. The Snug-Fit Capital requires no pilot holes.

Patent#: US 8,424,259 B2

Square Polyurethane Tuscan Capital

Square Tuscan Base

Square Alto Bases

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