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Your Exclusive Customer Resource Hub

Welcome to DSI Direct, your exclusive gateway to a world of customer-specific resources at Digger Specialties, Inc. Here, we empower our valued customers with easy access to a variety of tailored tools and materials, including brochure ordering, our Pricing Portal, and other exclusive resources. We understand the importance of efficiency and convenience in your projects, and DSI Direct is designed to streamline your experience with us. Dive in, and discover how we can make your journey with DSI even more seamless and rewarding.

DSI Online Pricing Portal

Welcome to the DSI Online Pricing Portal, your access point to exclusive pricing information. Exclusively available for direct DSI customers, it simplifies your purchasing experience.

DSI Literature Ordering Portal

Discover the DSI Literature Ordering Portal, exclusively designed for our direct customers. Access a wide array of literature to enhance your projects and presentations.