Dumpster Enclosure Gates

Our Enclosure Gates, crafted with precision and purpose, offer the ultimate solution for securing refuse materials and equipment storage on commercial and industrial properties. These aluminum frame gates are a testament to strength, security, and longevity and are available as welded frames or as adjustable frames.  The adjustable frame gates are a standout feature, allowing for convenient resizing during installation to ensure a perfect fit.

Whether you’re safeguarding equipment, trash containers, or dumpsters, enclosure dumpster gates are up to the task, with well-engineered heavy-duty hinges and gate latches ensuring both security and ease of use. Discover the perfect blend of strength and style with our Enclosure Dumpster Gates, designed to protect and enhance your property with unmatched durability and security.

Aluminum Dumpster Enclosure Gates

Security Beyond Measure

DSI Enclosure Gates, whether with welded fixed-size frames or adjustable aluminum frames, are your dependable partners in fortifying your property’s security. These gates are meticulously crafted to provide unmatched protection for refuse materials, equipment, and more.

Our robust aluminum frame gates are designed to deter unauthorized access effectively. Their durability and strength ensure that your property remains safe from unwanted intruders. Whether you’re safeguarding valuable equipment, trash containers, or dumpsters, these gates serve as formidable barriers that offer peace of mind. The adjustable frames, a hallmark feature, add a layer of flexibility, allowing for hassle-free resizing during installation to achieve a precise fit.

Investing in DSI Enclosure Gates means investing in the longevity and safety of your property. The gates not only offer robust security but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your premises. With a wide array of frame colors and a low-maintenance vinyl infill design that resists fading, you can harmonize security and style seamlessly.

Aesthetic Appeal with Purpose

DSI Enclosure Gates not only excel in security but also elevate the visual appeal of your property. These gates are designed to marry functionality with aesthetics, making them the perfect choice for both commercial and industrial properties.

Available in a range of frame colors and design options, these gates add a touch of sophistication to your property’s exterior. The aluminum frames boast a 10-step powder coating process, ensuring they remain visually striking while requiring minimal maintenance. The vinyl infills serve as a solid yet visually pleasing barrier, providing a clean and polished look to the area behind the gate.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance the curb appeal of your property or create an attractive security barrier for equipment or trash containers, DSI Enclosure Gates provide a versatile and elegant solution. These gates not only protect but also impress, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and tenants alike. Elevate your property’s aesthetics and security with DSI Enclosure Gates, where form meets function seamlessly.

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  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Offering includes both single and double gate openings
  • Available in a wide range of colors for both aluminum frames and vinyl infills
  • Combine the strength of aluminum frames with economical vinyl infills
  • Available as welded or adjustable frame gates
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Lifetime limited warranty



Product Details


72", 84"*, 96"*


7/8" x 6" (.050") Snap Lock Tongue & Groove: White, Tan, Mocha, Antique Beige, Cottage Grey, Sienna, Storm
7/8" x 11.28" (.065") Snap Lock Tongue & Groove : White, Tan, and Mocha

Post Size

6" Square Aluminum, 6-5/8" Round Bollard†

Single Gate Opening Sizes

Adjustable Gates: 72",96", 120"
Welded Gates: 60", 72", 84", 96", 120"
Custom gate sizes are available

*84" and 96" Heights include Mid Rail.
†Not Available from DSI.
See Literature in the Downloads section below for additional Product Details.

Vinyl Colors

Aluminum Colors

Colors shown are a close approximation of the true color. Please request actual samples for accurate colors.



  • Superior Vinyl Privacy Fence

  • Designer Vinyl Privacy Fencing

  • Tri-Max II Vinyl Privacy Fencing


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