Split-Fit® Column Wraps

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Making Split Column Reassembly Simple with our Split-Fit® Column Wraps. Traditional split columns can be difficult to reassemble on-site and can require multiple adjustments to align the two halves. Split-Fit Composite Columns include unique patented aligning keys make aligning the column halves a simple process saving time and eliminating the frustration of traditional split column installation.
Key Features Factory Assembled aligning keys make aligning the column halves stress-free
No slipping or sliding at glue joint
Use fast setting epoxy to reduce installation time
Fully split columns arrive ready to install
Precision Diamond Cut line is easy to finish
Eliminates the hassle of finishing the splitting at the job site
No screws or tabs required
Patented Tongue and Groove fit assures snug installation
Keys restrict lateral & vertical play and ensures an easy to finish seam
Optional Reassembly Kits available
Available for most DSI Composite and Fiberglass Columns

Optional Split-Fit® Assembly Kit includes:

One Adhesive Cartridge with Adapter
One (1) Roll of 3M/Scotch Bonding Tape

Patent#: US 8,234,837 B2

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