Elevate Your Expertise

Welcome to our AIA Continuing Education page, designed to provide architects with valuable knowledge and insights to enhance their expertise in outdoor living and architectural design.

Our AIA courses, including “Choosing the Correct Railing” and “Choosing the Correct Columns,” aim to equip you with the essential information and skills necessary for making well-informed decisions in your projects. These courses are tailored to address critical aspects of outdoor design and construction, ensuring that you can create safe, functional, and visually appealing spaces that meet your clients’ and industry standards. We are committed to supporting your professional growth and success, and these courses are a significant step toward achieving that goal.

Explore our AIA Continuing Education offerings and embark on a journey of continual learning and excellence in architectural design.

Choose the Correct Railing Course

Advance your knowledge with DSI’s Choosing the Correct Railing AIA Training. Enroll in online courses, pass the test, and earn AIA continuing education credits, along with a valuable certification.

Choosing Your Column Course

Enhance your expertise with DSI’s Choosing Your Column AIA Training. Access online courses, complete the test, and earn AIA continuing education credits with a certification upon passing.

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Schedule an AIA Presentation

Schedule an in-person AIA presentation with Digger Specialties, Inc. Experience tailored training and engage directly with our experts for a hands-on learning experience.