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Vinyl Picket Fencing

DSI vinyl picket fencing offers the charm of classic traditional fencing and is available in a variety of styles that make a home or property attractive and inviting. Whether a homeowner chooses classic Americana white vinyl picket fencing or designs that offer more varied and contemporary styles, DSI vinyl picket fencing systems come in numerous styles and heights depending on a homeowner’s preference.  All DSI vinyl picket fencing systems are covered by a transferrable lifetime limited warranty from a leading manufacturer of vinyl fencing.

  • Remington Vinyl Picket Fence

    Remington vinyl picket fencing features thin pickets for an enclosed look compared to other picket fencing styles. With concave picket tops and 5” posts that are a perfect contrast with thin pickets, Remington vinyl fencing is available in a variety of heights and comes in white, tan, or mocha colors.

  • Sterling Vinyl Picket Fence

    Sterling vinyl picket Fencing is available with 3” wide pickets that can be selected in straight, concave and convex picket top designs. Post caps are featured in a gothic style. Sterling vinyl Fencing is available in a variety of heights and comes in white, tan, or mocha colors.

  • Supreme Vinyl Picket Fence

    Supreme vinyl fencing is available in straight, concave, and convex picket top designs appropriate for homeowners looking for more privacy.  Available in a variety of heights, Supreme vinyl fencing features” gothic design caps for a distinctive look and can be selected in white, tan, or mocha colors.

  • Good Neighbor Vinyl Picket Fence

    Good Neighbor vinyl picket fencing offers classic appeal.  Two fence top designs are available and include 3” pickets and 4” posts. A second option has concave pickets with 3” scalloped pickets and 4” posts with flat caps. Good Neighbor fencing comes in a variety of heights that are available in white, tan, and mocha colors.

Benefits of Vinyl Picket Fencing

Superior Design

For added strength, Good Neighbor and Remington picket fencing feature top and bottom rails that are reinforced with aluminum. DSI’s patented hidden picket attachment for Supreme and Sterling Picket fencing results in no unsightly screws or cap plugs. Good Neighbor fencing offers a hidden screw top rail support center picket. Regardless of which DSI vinyl picket fencing system a homeowner chooses long term durability and low maintenance features are major benefits a homeowner can expect. DSI offers a transferable limited lifetime warranty with all vinyl fencing systems

Superior Fencing Materials

Unlike wood fencing which can warp, buckle and split when exposed to the elements, Vinyl picket fencing remains uniform and stable.  Wood fencing also requires repeated painting or staining whereas Vinyl fencing never needs to be painted.  Vinyl fencing is also lighter than wood fencing making it more convenient to install.  Steel fencing is heavy and more challenging to install than Vinyl fencing and can develop rust on the surfaces, particularly in coastal areas.  As an added benefit, vinyl fencing is less expensive than wood or steel fencing.

Made to Last

DSI Vinyl picket fencing systems are covered by a transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty from DSI, a leading vinyl fencing manufacturer. DSI’s vinyl picket fencing products are designed to stand the test of time and provide homeowners with a carefree outdoor living lifestyle because of the low maintenance features of vinyl fencing. DSI vinyl picket fencing systems, in specified models, heights and spacing are pool code approved and are an ideal pool enclosure providing safety and beauty. In addition to numerous product advantages DSI’s vinyl picket systems are a more affordable alternative when compared with other fencing products in the marketplace.