Understanding Touch Up Paint for DSI Aluminum Products

Question from a Homeowner: “We have scratches and dents on our railing. How can we fix them?”

Touch up paint helps hide scratches and protects the look of your DSI aluminum products, whether it is railings, fencing, or columns. During installation or cutting, these components can get hit by tools or dropped, leading to scratches and dents. Severe impacts can cause significant damage, while minor incidents might result in small scratches. For minor scuffs and scratches, touch up paint is the go-to solution. However, for major damage, such as long scratches or large dents, replacing the damaged part is often the best course of action.

When to Use Touch Up Paint

When touching up your aluminum railing, fencing, or columns, it is important to understand that touch up paint will help hide scratches and protect the surface. However, it is not the same as the original powder coating on these products. Over time, the touch up paint will fade differently than the powder coating and may become noticeable. Therefore, it is better to limit touch ups to small areas. For example, spraying a large area on fencing, railing, or columns can lead to noticeable differences over time, whereas minor touch ups blend in more effectively.

Different Forms of Touch Up Paint

DSI touch up paint comes in two forms: aerosols and touch up pens.  For minor scratches, touch up pens are the easiest to use. Aerosol cans can be more challenging for small fixes. If you only have an aerosol, you can spray some paint onto a plate or similar surface until it pools. Then, use a fine-bristle paintbrush to apply the paint to the damaged area. This method is especially helpful for our colors that require more than one aerosol color for a proper touch up. Often, using just the base color in this way can resolve the issue without needing to perfectly match multiple colors.

Key Takeaways

  • Touch up paint is ideal for minor scuffs and scratches on railings, fencing, and columns.
  • For major damage, it is better to replace the affected part.
  • Touch up paint fades differently from powder coating over time.
  • Use touch up pens for small fixes; aerosols can be trickier.

By following these tips, you can keep your DSI aluminum products looking their best with minimal effort. Remember, touch up is meant for small areas, so use it wisely for the best results.