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We want to hear what our customers and product owners have to say about our DSI Family of Products. We asked our customers, real homeowners, contractors, and installers to share their stories and experiences.



“I originally built my deck with Cedar because of its natural long-term ability to resist rot. But, the reality is, if you don’t finish your deck every year or so, you are guaranteed to get rotted railings. Trying to enjoy my deck without back-breaking maintenance every year or paying a service thousands of dollars to refinish my deck was very difficult. I decided to go with a composite deck and DSI’s Westbury Rail and Magena Star lighting. My maintenance now includes sweeping the deck and occasionally wiping off bird deposits. Having peace of mind on the stability of the rail and the lifetime warranty on the finish allows me to enjoy my deck that much more. I will 110% recommend Westbury Rail to everyone considering a new or replacement rail project. – Jennifer A.