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Vinyl Railing

DSI PolyRail vinyl deck railing is a preferred choice for homeowners looking for a railing system that is affordable, durable, attractive, and adds value and curb appeal to a home. Available in a variety of styles that range from traditional to contemporary, DSI vinyl deck and porch railing combines beauty and long-lasting durability. DSI vinyl deck railing is lightweight and easy to install and is both contractor and DIYer friendly. All PolyRail deck railing can be obtained with matching gates that come with high strength residential hinges and latches that are available in a choice of colors. For nighttime illumination, Magena Star lighting is available to provide safety and beauty to a DSI vinyl deck railing and stair railing.

  • TRX Vinyl Railing

    PolyRail TRX vinyl deck railing is the perfect solution for homeowners in search of a distinctive railing system that offers elegance and durability. The contoured T-top rail design adds a touch of sophistication to your deck while its aluminum reinforcement ensures that it lasts a lifetime. With its carefree low maintenance, our TRX railing is the ideal choice for any homeowner looking to enhance the look and feel of their deck.

  • Raven Vinyl Railing

    Are you tired of constantly staining or painting your deck railing? Look no further than Raven vinyl deck railing system. Our elegant design combined with superior strength and durability makes Raven vinyl railing the perfect choice for any homeowner seeking a superior railing solution.

  • Cardinal Vinyl Railing

    If you’re looking for a durable, low-maintenance, and attractive railing system for your deck, porch, or stairs, DSI Cardinal vinyl deck railing is the perfect choice for you. Our railing system offers a classic and traditional design while providing the lasting strength of aluminum reinforced top and bottom rails.

  • Falcon Vinyl Railing

    Falcon vinyl deck railing is the perfect solution for homeowners looking for a stylish and durable railing system. With its contoured bread-loaf shaped top rail and three infill or baluster designs to choose from, Falcon vinyl railing is sure to complement any outdoor space.

  • T-Bird Vinyl Deck Railing

    Upgrade your outdoor living space with T-Bird vinyl deck railing, designed for affordability, ease of installation, and low maintenance. The T-Bird top rail features a flat surface that doubles as a convenient drink rail, perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings. With color-fast surfaces that never need to be painted, T-Bird vinyl railing provides a carefree lifestyle for homeowners. Invest in T-Bird vinyl deck railings for a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

Vinyl Deck Posts

Upgrade your deck railing system today with PolyRail vinyl deck posts and sleeves and enjoy a lifetime of low-maintenance decking

Affordable and Easy To Install

Low Maintenance

DSI vinyl deck and porch railing offers major benefits when compared with other railing materials. Unlike wood railing which can warp, buckle, and split when exposed to the elements, DSI vinyl railing remains uniform and stable. Wood railing also requires repeated painting or staining whereas PolyRail vinyl railing never needs to be painted. The combined vinyl railing advantages of offering a carefree low-maintenance lifestyle, long term durability, and lower cost when compared to wood railing makes PolyRail vinyl deck railing a superior choice.

Plentiful Styles and Options

PolyRail vinyl deck and porch railing gives homeowners a wide choice of designs. Top rails include T-Bird vinyl deck railing features a style of top rail that provides a flat surface that is ideal for use as a drink rail. Falcon vinyl railing showcases an impressively contoured “bread-loaf” shaped top rail. Cardinal vinyl railing features a traditional flat top rail while Raven vinyl railing features an attractive contoured top rail for a more traditional look. TRX vinyl deck railing is styled with a distinctive contoured T-top rail design for a touch of elegance.

Transforming the Outdoor Living Experience

Since 1984, Digger Specialties Inc. (DSI) has manufactured premium products for the outdoor living products industry. DSI continually strives to provide innovative solutions that result in superior high quality building products. PolyRail vinyl railing is produced to the highest quality manufacturing standards and is designed with advanced features that make products easier to install and built to last a lifetime. PolyRail vinyl railing is a great investment for a home or commercial property and is backed by a Transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty.