Crafting Excellence

At DSI, we’re proud to maintain a strategic network of plant locations across the United States. These facilities are the backbone of our mission to provide top-quality outdoor living solutions to our valued customers. Let’s take a closer look at each of these essential locations:

  • Bremen, Indiana (Corporate Offices)
  • Valdosta, Georgia
  • Randleman, North Carolina
  • Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina
  • Carthage, Missouri
  • Montgomery, Pennsylvania

Each of our plant locations is an integral part of the DSI story, contributing to our ongoing commitment to excellence, efficiency, and sustainability. Together, they form a strategic network that ensures our products are crafted with care, and they reach our customers with precision, no matter where they are. Our focus remains unwavering – to provide exceptional quality in every outdoor living solution we offer.

DSI Distribution Across the U.S.: Easy Access with Where To Buy Locator

DSI’s expansive distribution network seamlessly covers a vast geographic expanse, from the Northeast and Southeast to the Mid-Atlantic states, Midwest, South, Northern U.S., and the Pacific Northwest. Our dedication to accessibility and convenience ensures that DSI products are within easy reach for customers throughout these diverse regions.

To enhance this accessibility, we offer an intuitive “Where To Buy” locator on our website. This invaluable tool empowers customers to discover DSI products in their local area. It not only identifies the nearest retailers but also provides crucial information on stocking locations and home centers. This user-friendly resource serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking DSI solutions, whether you are a contractor or homeowner.

Our extensive distribution network, complemented by the convenience of the “Where To Buy” locator, reflects DSI’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We aim to be your trusted partner in outdoor improvement projects, ensuring that DSI products are readily available and easy to access, no matter where you are across the continental United States.