What size plate is on Westbury Plated Posts?

Westbury Plates Posts are available in several different sizes.  The plate size is different on each post.  Please click this link to view drawings for each of the Westbury Post Plates.  You can also view these drawings by visiting the Westbury Post Page.

Can gates be custom designed?

Yes. You provide the concept; DSI provides the expertise to build your custom designed gate. With choices of decorative scrolls and engravings, ornate finials, and contoured rails to heavy-duty gate hardware and structural posts, we can turn your dream into a reality. We accomplish this through our approval process making [...]

Is all powder coating equal?

No, there are differences. There are many different types of powder coating created for many different types of projects. There are powder coatings created for office furniture that do not require outdoor weather-ability or chemical resistance. Other coatings are designed to be chemical resistant, while others provide some resistance to [...]

Can I paint my vinyl fence?

Vinyl products are engineered to retain their beauty and good looks throughout their lifetime. The only reason to use paints on our vinyl products would be to change the color of the product. We do not recommend painting vinyl fencing or vinyl railing . There are paints that can be [...]


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