Westbury® Aluminum ADA Handrail

Satin Black

Black Fine Texture

Ninety Bronze

Bronze Fine Texture

Speckled Walnut

Sandy Shore

White Fine Texture

Gloss Beige


Gloss White

Brown Fine Texture

Grey Fine Texture

Westbury® ADA Continuous Handrail is designed to assist individuals with Accessibility or Mobility concerns. ADA compliant handrails ensure that commercial, public, and private spaces are accessible for individuals with disabilities. ADA Handrail is easy to install on any surface including existing railing and walls and is compatible with new or existing railing systems. Featuring the superior durability of aluminum railing, these versatile components and accessories provide a perfect safety solution for ramps, stairways, decks, and a variety of other applications.
Handrail: 1-3/8" Aluminum Handrail available in 8', 10', and 16' lenghts.
Mounts: Inside Corner Mount
Wall Mount
Wall-End Mount
Extended Wall Mount
Collar Ring: Optional 1/8" ring to cover splices/connections.
Internal Connector: Strong Internal Connector is used to connect pieces of ADA Handrail and parts together.
Returns: Tapered 1-piece Wall Return
Elbows: Adjustable
90° Welded
End Cap: Beveled Internal End Caps

Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty