Posts and Post Mounts for Vinyl Deck Railing

A selection of vinyl posts is offered to compliment the look of PolyRail Vinyl Railing. To make installation easier, there is an option of an IRC (Standard) Aluminum Post Mount, IBC Heavy-duty Aluminum Post Mount and the Interim IRC Heavy Duty Post Mount and the Interim Standard (non-tested) Aluminum Post Mount.
Leveling: Four-way leveling feature on all Post Mounts
Plate: IBC Heavy Duty: 1/2" x 5 ½” square plate with 8 fasteners IRC Standard: 1/4" x 5 ½” square plate with 4 fasteners Interim Post Mounts: 3/8" x 5" square plate
Base Plate: Powder Coated to Protect Against Corrosion
Application: Concrete, Wood, or Composite Surfaces
Post Sleeves: IBC and IRC Mounts use a 4" (.135 wall) sleeve Interim mounts use a 4" (.160 wall) sleeve
Post Mount Lengths: IBC and IRC: 37", 43", 47", and 53" Interium Post Mounts: 33"
Flair: IBC and IRC: 4" (1 Piece) Flair Interium Post Mounts: 4" (1 Piece) Flair

IRC (Standard) Post Mount

IBC Heavy-Duty Aluminum Post Mount

Interim Post Mounts (IRC and Standard)

Post Sleeve and Flair