Round Composite Porch Columns

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Tuscan and Doric columns are the most recognizable architectural elements in the world. From the historical cities of Europe to the cities and towns of the United States, these round porch columns and their elegant styles are celebrated by architects the world over. DSI round composite front porch columns are available in smooth tapered, fluted tapered, and non-tapered. Our Round Smooth Non-Tapered columns offer a sophisticated uncomplicated look to your project. Tip - To use Decorative Capitals with our Round Smooth Non-Tapered columns, select one size larger capital than the composite column size. Example: A 10” Non-Tapered Column requires a 12” Roman Ionic Capital.

Round Smooth Tapered

Round Fluted Tapered

Round Smooth Non-Tapered

Patent#: US 11,014,271 B2

Patent#: US 8,424,259 B2

Tuscan Capital

Doric Base

Roman Corinthian Capital

Roman Ionic Capital

Scamozzi Capital

Temple of the Winds Capital

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