Homeowners Are Trending Towards Use of Aluminum Railing to Enhance Their Outdoor Living Spaces

Bremen, IN March 11, 2021.  Demand for outdoor living products to build or remodel decks and porches has increased significantly in recent years. A notable trend in the decking and railing industry is the use of aluminum railing that offers distinctive designs that enhance outdoor living spaces while offering unequaled durability and low maintenance performance.

A survey of building materials dealers by Principia® Consulting conducted in 2019, indicated that aluminum was projected to be the fastest growing railing material compared with composites or vinyl. Digger Specialties, Inc., manufacturer of Westbury® Aluminum Railing is the leading supplier of aluminum railing products in North America. Aluminum railing provides several important features that separate it from other railing materials.

Durability and low maintenance: Aluminum railing is produced using a powder coating process that insures ultimate fade resistant performance and low maintenance properties. DSI’s Westbury railing is produced with a proprietary 10 step coating process that meets the industry’s most stringent standards and includes a lifetime limited warranty.

Versatility: Aluminum railing is designed to be a superior railing material when combined with wood, composite, and PVC deck boards.

Designs and colors : Westbury aluminum railing is available in a variety of designs. VertiCable® and Veranda railing (with glass infills) offer uninhibited views while Tuscany, Riviera, and Montego railing designs provide distinctive profiles for classic to contemporary elegance. For those who wish to have the benefits of aluminum railing but want screened in spaces, ScreenRail presents another option. Westbury railing systems are available in an industry leading 12 standard colors with the option to obtain custom colors through special order.

Ease of installation: Aluminum railing is lightweight and easy to install. Pre-assembled sections are available in some designs that save labor costs and speed installation.

DSI’s Westbury Aluminum Railing is available at many lumberyards and as a special order product through the ProDesk at retail home centers.