Advantages of Westbury® (DSI)

Aluminum Railing Compared with Other Railing Systems


Six Ways Westbury® (DSI) Aluminum Railing Is Better

  • Proprietary 10 step coating process for lasting color and finish
  • Available in beautiful colors and textures
  • Fastest Railing System to Install
  • Outperforms other Railing Systems
  • Code approved for residential and commercial construction
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


Disadvantages of Wood Railing Compared to Aluminum Railing

  • Prone to unsightly warping, buckling or splitting
  • Requires painting or staining to protect the wood
  • Needs to be repainted resulting in costly high maintenance
  • Unprotected wood railing may require replacement


Disadvantages of Composite Railing Compared to Aluminum Railing

  • More expensive
  • Complex/labor intensive to install
  • Less durable
  • Requires more frequent cleaning

Disadvantages of Vinyl Railing Compared to Aluminum Railing

  • Not dimensionally stable/can expand and contract
  • Fewer color options
  • Prone to fading (especially colors)
  • Less durable


Disadvantages of Metal or Steel Railing Compared to Aluminum Railing

  • Can develop rust and corrosion
  • May require repainting due to fading
  • Heavy and difficult to install
  • Available in limited color options